Hippocrates was right: First, do no harm.

Ethical Alternatives

The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives Final Report confirms that “not a single clinical treatment has been developed from human fetal tissue.”

Did you know? The vaccines for polio, measles, and mumps used monkey cells, chicken eggs, and other animal cells, but not fetal tissue.  No vaccine in the country uses fresh fetal tissue, simply old cell lines from aborted baby body parts since they are cheap and readily available.

Did you know? One of the main reasons companies aren’t using ethical alternatives is due to the cost of switching to ethical sources.  Fetal tissue isn’t even necessary to the development of  new vaccines –  less than 2% of research for a Zika virus vaccine even used fetal tissue. Instead, adult blood cells have led to the greatest breakthroughs in the research for a Zika vaccine.

Did you know? Barely 0.2% of all NIH grants go to research that uses fetal tissue. Not a single clinical trial or study on Alzheimer’s uses fetal tissue. If fetal tissue is critical to future research, why wouldn’t NIH invest in it more?

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