Heal Without Harm

Aborted Baby Body Parts and Research

The U.S. House of Representative’s Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives’ Final Report makes clear that federal law does not sufficiently stop the sale of abortion-derived fetal tissue for profit, nor does it address the ethical issues that come with the research community using these baby body parts.

An open records request has found that here in Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has provided UW – Madison with the hearts and brains of unborn babies up to 18 weeks old and within five minutes of being aborted for use in research.


At the end of the 2015-2016 Legislative Session, significant efforts were made to address the fact that the body parts of aborted babies were being sold and used for research in Wisconsin. While these legislative efforts were not successful, it was evident that this issue would need to be addressed again in the 2017-2018 Legislative Session.

The Heal Without Harm Coalition comprised of Pro-Life Wisconsin, Wisconsin Catholic Conference, Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Right to Life, has been working on this issue since the summer of 2016 to explore language for legislation that would end the sale and use of abortion-derived baby body parts while also promoting ethical alternatives in research.

Our coalition’s goal isn’t to limit the ability of science to attain laudable goals, but to achieve progress using standards that prize ethical ends and means, which do not create a demand for the bodies of babies who suffer death by abortion.

Wisconsin is renowned for pioneering successful and innovative research, and it is imperative that our continued success relies upon ethical sources.

The Heal Without Harm Coalition has been working on a package of legislation that will address the sale and use of the body parts of aborted babies, as well as the proper disposition of aborted babies. The package also encourages alternative, ethical methods of obtaining fetal tissue from miscarried and stillborn babies. These ethical sources do not rely upon the purposeful dismemberment of a living unborn child.