Researchers Speak Out in Favor of the Heal Without Harm Legislative Initiative

At an October 24 press conference, researchers Dr. Tara Sander Lee and Dr. Maria Feeney urged for the passage of the Heal Without Harm Legislative Initiative in order to support an ethical approach to research.

You can read their entire statement here.


  • “Fact #1: There have been no cures developed that require aborted fetal body parts.”
  • “Fact #2: Aborted fetal body parts are not critical for research or medical advancements.”
  • “Fact #3: Ethically-derived tissue sources are available to researchers and are saving lives today!”
  • “…Wisconsin should invest in making ethically-derived fetal tissue available to researchers.”
  • “Prohibiting the use of aborted fetal body parts in this state would guarantee professionals and patients in Wisconsin safe and ethically sound cures that have the real promise of healing patients now and in the future.”

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